Hi! I'm Tim.

I've worked in traditional graphic design for years . . .
but now I'm a full-stack Rails developer as well!

My clients have included:

I worked for the Nautica Creative Services Department in two stints. First, as a graphic designer and then later as an Associate Art Director and eventually as Manager of the International Store Environment program.

The work included a variety of design projects . . . everything from lookbooks to ads, brochures and other marketing materials.

As Manager, I was a member of the team that re-imagined the Nautica store concept and initiated an international rollout, beginning with the Beijing, China flagship store.


After VF Corporation purchased Kipling, I became the Creative Lead for brand in North America. My responsibilities included: concept, copy, design and production of all US advertising, point-of-sale, marketing and promotional materials; management of brand asset workflow; coordination with marketing, sales, merchandising and executive team members

Sixty USA

Sixty USA was a client for whom I produced ads, retail signage, and showroom graphics.


Brand identity is one of my favorite types of design. Capturing the essence and aspiration of a company through typeface and logo is one of the greatest design challenges.

Description My final for General Assemb.ly's Web Development Immersive program. Bank of Mom & Dad is a virtual bank and chore administrator to help parents administer and keep track of allowances.
Tech Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Foundation framework, BCrypt, SASS, and PostreSQL.
Description This project uses the NYC Open Data API to populate a database with coordinates of all the subway entrances in the city and then plot them using Google Maps.
Tech Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Foundation framework, SASS, HAML, Google Maps API, HTTParty, and PostreSQL.
Description This is a simple little JavaScript project that illustrated how to dynamically add colored divs.
Tech Javascript

I've worked in the creative services realm of the film and fashion industries for over 10 years, but nothing prepared me for the excitement and exasperation that is . . . learning to code.

I recently completed General Assembly's Web Development Immersive program and have trained to be a "full-stack" Rails developer - everything from HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, Ruby on Rails, and Computer Science. I'm looking forward to the many 'adventures in coding' I hope to have in the future, while always keeping an eye on good, clean design.

I graduated with a degree in cinema studies at San Francisco State University, but migrated to NYC during the early days of the Web to be a founding member of indieWIRE.com, a daily news service for independent film. I subsequently fell into graphic design in the apparel industry, most notably VF Corporation (where I worked for both the Nautica & Kipling brands).

I'm originally from Northern California, but now live with my wife and stepson in Hoboken, NJ. I'm an ardent Arsenal FC supporter and avid traveler.